Montes Alpha Syrah: que sera Syrah!

27 May

Birthday presents are always divine, so it’s with some fondness I’m probably going to rate this Syrah… Cheers DK!You can’t really go wrong with Syrah from Chile at the moment, it’s the variety that everyone’s talking about. It seems that Chile was made for Syrah: the spicy characteristics, deep red ripe fruit and a generous mouth are both typical of the variety and the land. Throw in a winery with plenty of cash and you’re not going to get a bad wine, and Montes Alpha certainly isn’t bad…


New Squeeze: Montes Alpha Syrah, Colchagua Valley, 2010

The Verdict: A full, spicy and fruity Syrah with an intense colour and a burst in the mouth. Smooth tannins and cool, sexy forest fruit. Maybe a bit mass produced and not too personal, but who cares? This is only around £10-15 (only in a good way, still a great gift!)

The Small Print: Coming from the gorgeous micro climate of Apalta in Colchagua, this is one of the most prized spots for winemaking in Chile and it’s not hard to see why. None of the hot jammy characteristics of the Central Valley, but much fresher fruit with notes of tobacco, leather and a whiff of cedar with a nice acidity and a little Syrah smack in the mouth. Great for its price. Was a real table pleaser with our (slightly overcooked) BBQ-ed steak; and goats cheese, chorizo and spicy tomato stuffed mushrooms. Has a little Cab Sauv and Viognier in the mix.


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